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FROM ABOVE With 33 miles of visibility in every direction, the vista from View Boston is the most breathtaking way to see the city. Floor-to-ceiling windows invite guests to lose themselves in immersive views and the surrounding landscape.

• Over 11,700 square feet of space

• Intimate or expansive options for groups of all sizes

• Full-Service Catering

• Conveniently located 5 miles from Logan International Airport

• Convenient on-site parking


Our event management team is tailored to the precise requirements of your event needs. From your first point of contact, through the day of your event, you will receive expert assistance from our highly experienced staff at the exact level you require. We aim to exceed your expectations.

The View

Experience unparalleled panoramic views from the top of the building, boasting 360-degree perspectives showcased through expansive 24-foot floor-to-ceiling windows. Gaze beyond the iconic Prudential letters, immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenery that unfolds before you.

The Cloud Terrace

Cloud Terrace offers an impressive 10,000 square foot wraparound outdoor deck, standing as the tallest of its kind in all of New England. Guests can indulge in refreshments from Stratus bar located on this level, before leisurely strolling around the expansive outdoor deck. Capture the moment with a sky-high outdoor selfie, immersing yourself in the unparalleled views and vibrant atmosphere.

The Beacon

Elevate your next event at The Beacon at View Boston, where luxury meets sophistication. With stunning skyline views and versatile event spaces, our venue is perfect for corporate gatherings, weddings, and special celebrations. Our dedicated team will customize every detail to exceed your expectations. Experience unforgettable moments at The Beacon at View Boston.